The Kindness Bench™

KIWK’s primary initiative is The Kindness Bench Initiative™. What is a Kindness Bench™? It is an interactive tool that provides children and youth a safe place to congregate in schools and communities. It is a kindness tool, a gift of friendship, and a positive place for those in need.

Students may not have the necessary social tools at their disposal to voice their concerns about bullying or any other issue. Therefore, when students sit on the Kindness Bench™ it alerts teachers, staff, volunteers, or even another child/youth that they need assistance.

Another remarkable result that the Kindness Bench™ offers is when children and youth help and support another, who chooses to use The Kindness Bench™.  The very act of this social interaction teaches kindness, empathy, acceptance, understanding, compassion, and respect, as well as highlights the importance of the Kindness Bench's™ safe zone for those who also wish to help and offer guidance.

The Kindness Bench™ is custom-made, with a hand-crafted heart in the centre – KIWK’s symbol for anti-bullying. This heart represents love, peace, respect, acceptance – the messages we hope to convey through our endeavours.  The colour blue is featured prominently, as it is the internationally recognized colour for anti-bullying awareness, and the multi-coloured seat represents the diversity in all our communities.

Our Kindness Bench™ is made of 100% recycled plastic. This choice is deliberate as it is environmentally friendly and perfect for all weather conditions.


If you would like to request a bench, please click here.