• Make a difference today!

Make a difference today!

Congratulations to Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School on receiving a Kindness Bench™ - generously donated by the Toronto Wolf Pack.

The Kindness Bench ™

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“Today is a celebration of the great work you’ve done to create a safe and accepting environment at St. Francis Xavier School. Various activities have been spearheaded by our Social Justice League and Health Action Team to prepare for this day which celebrates the uniqueness of each child and their right to be treated with respect and human dignity.”

Principal Olga Scheer

Students from the school shared ways in which they will help promote kindness inside and outside of the community school. Current and future students of Victory PS have many years ahead to enjoy the bench and promote the message that it sends to the community.

Upper Grand District School Board

“When we are at this school during recess, about 20-30 of the kids surround us. I love connecting with them and I am happy there is somewhere where the kids at this school who are bullied can go and expect some comfort.”

Biga (Mom), Nelson Mandela Park Public School (Toronto, Ontario)

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